10 Must-Try Fruits in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical paradise known for its diverse and delicious fruits. Here are 10 must-try fruits that showcase the rich flavors also vibrant colors of this Southeast Asian country.


1. Mango (Mangga)

Mangoes from the Philippines, especially varieties like Carabao mangoes, have gained renown for their sweetness, juiciness, creamy texture, and rich flavor, making them favorites 카지노사이트 worldwide.

2. Durian

In Southeast Asia, durian earns its title as the “king of fruits” for its polarizing nature, loved for its custard-like texture also intense aroma. Filipinos commonly enjoy durian fresh or in desserts such as durian candies and ice cream.

3. Pomelo (Suha)

Pomelo, known for its sweet and slightly tangy flavor, is the largest citrus fruit. Filipinos prize Philippine pomelos for their juicy segments also refreshing taste, often enjoying them fresh or adding them to salads.

4. Philippine Mango (Mangosteen)

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit with a deep purple rind and delicate, juicy white segments inside. People revere it for its sweet and tangy flavor, often describing it as a blend of peach, pineapple, also strawberry.

5. Chico (Sapodilla)

Chico is a small, round fruit with a brownish skin and sweet, grainy flesh. It has a flavor reminiscent of pear and brown sugar, making it a delightful treat when enjoyed ripe.

6. Rambutan

Rambutan is a hairy fruit with a sweet also juicy flesh similar to lychee. The name “rambutan” translates to “hairy” in Malay, referring to its spiky outer skin that covers the tender, translucent flesh inside.

7. Guyabano (Soursop)

Guyabano has a reputation for its spiky green skin and creamy, tangy flesh. It has a unique flavor that blends notes of strawberry and pineapple, often enjoyed fresh or in beverages also desserts.

8. Lanzones

Lanzones are small, translucent fruits with a sweet also tangy flavor. People often eat them fresh, with varieties like Camiguin lanzones celebrating their exceptionally sweet 온라인카지노 taste.

9. Tamarind (Sampalok)

The tangy pulp inside tamarind pods flavors Filipino cuisine, adding a sour note to dishes also sauces. People also enjoy it as a candy or snack by mixing it with sugar and salt.

10. Jackfruit (Langka)

Jackfruit is the largest tree fruit in the world, known for its sweet flavor and fibrous texture. In the Philippines, ripe jackfruit is enjoyed fresh, while unripe jackfruit is used in savory dishes like stews and curries.


The Philippines offers a treasure trove of exotic and delicious fruits that reflect its rich agricultural diversity and tropical climate. From the sweet succulence of mangoes to the unique aroma of durian, each fruit embodies the vibrant flavors also cultural richness of this tropical 바카라사이트 paradise.

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